We can create.
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What do you do?

My sister-in-law asked me a few weeks ago what do you actually do? It’s a question I have always struggled to answer without endless waffling.

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Recently we have been working with West Midlands based Czech artist Tereza Bušková, to reimagine the Little Queens (Královničky,) festival, originating in Moravia for a new audience in West Bromwich town centre. The festival celebrates nature and the role of women within their communities.
Blue and White Creative are now We Can Create! We are really excited to be able to share our new identity with everyone. We are passionate about projects that offer real meaning to people's lives, that deliver creative, positive, and practical outcomes and experiences.
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I need a hero! 15 years ago, we created over 300 of these little people for a school in the Black Country. Each child in the school created their own idea of what a hero was to them. Some created superheroes, some were inspired by fairy tales others created real life heroes.

How can we help you and your organisation deliver the best outcomes for your needs?

We have partnered with a number of clients and organisations over the last 20 years. All of our projects are multi-layered; as well as working with and commissioning creatives to help us develop the best outcomes, our approach is to co-create these projects with the people and communities who will use them.