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Who are
We Can Create?

We are passionate about projects that offer real meaning to people's lives, that deliver positive and practical outcomes, and can help build experiences and ideas together.

Proudly based in the West Midlands, we have twenty years hands-on experience working with the education sector, youth services charities, the voluntary sector, health and social care, local authorities, prison and youth offending, galleries and museums.

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How can we help you tap in to the amazing skills of creatives to produce the best outcomes for your project?

Tim Mossholder 6gy2mgfecpk Unsplash

We can call upon the skills of our talented network. Our award-winning friends and colleagues span a wealth of creative pursuits that include inspiring craftspeople, artists, filmmakers and animators, poets and performers, writers, and tech innovators.

We work with skilled individuals and collectives whose work is proven and who will give you the best project experience.

Project managament





Creative workshops

And these are some of the clients we've worked with...

Feel free to discuss your project with us so that we can share with you what could be possible and build an ambitious idea that goes beyond what you might have thought possible.